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The Bakery

By opening the bakery with the help of Clover in the form of equipment and training (Advance Baking Courses), we went from buying bread to baking our own. This has also created employment opportunities for people from the local community as well as skills training. We now generate funds in order to cover some of the running costs of the home. Residents at the home also benefit from freshly baked produce. We baked 500 loaves of bread and 50 dozen rolls per day and sell it at very affordable prices to the local community.

We have also started baking cakes for special functions and we make platters, which we prepare on order for the local community.

We also have a sewing division, thanks to Clover who supplied us with equipment and training and we make garments for their worker, residents and the local business sector. We even get orders to design aprons, chair covers, dresses and graduation gowns. The funds go towards the running of the home. We also train the equip the surrounding community in order to find employment. Recently we have launched our own range of shopping bags.



We recently started a pottery division as well. This provides more skill training, job opportunities and helps to generate more funds. We have a fixed agreement with the group New Earth and they purchased all the pots not sold to the public.

Fully kitchen on wheels, that is able to cater for funerals, weddings and functions.

Food Trailer