We are a charitable organization catering for anybody that destitute, regardless of colour or creed. The Home is registered with the Department of Social Development as a Non-Profit Organization and is situated in the deep South of the greater Johannesburg, 2km away from the Grasmere Toll Plaza. The Home has always supported the surrounding areas and has been established due to the need identified in these areas. The Home is currently housing 120 residents of different ethnic backgrounds.

The Home is divided into three sections:



Mama Africa

Mama’ Shirley has been a “Mama Africa” since February 2006 and has won several awards over the last ten years.

Our history

Pastor Thomas and his wife Shirley, the co-founders of Ebenezer Hannah Home, were both Orphans, who grew up in the Catholic Orphanage in Pofadder, since the age of8. They both lacked parental love and guidance, which developed their awareness of a need in society. They got married after leaving school and Pastor Thomas gave his heart to the Lord and became a pastor. He was already involved in helping people through his construction business and together with his wife they decided to answer God’s calling to help more people and brought the plot on which the home is built. In 1992 they established Ebenezer Hannah Home, which mean ‘Rock of Hope’ and started to take in orphaned children and elderly people with nowhere to go. Over the years they have helped thousands of people and continue to grow on a regular basis. They also built a church hosting religious services daily ion support of the community and the upliftment of their residents.


We encourage religious aspects. Church services are being held every Sunday on the premises. During the week we have Bible study classes, payer meetings and devotions every morning to build residents spiritually…

Day To Day & The Community

Various companies, including Clover as well as private individuals assist us with feeding schemes in the form of cooked meals, braais etc. Functions are held on special occasions like Christmas, Easter and birthdays. Some families even host their birthday parties at Ebenezer Hannah Home in order to share their special day with everyone at the home. Companies also organize functions at the home to generate funds, which aids with the day to day running costs of the home. Some companies and or individuals provide clothing, blankets, treats or entertainment for the children, which we greatly appreciate.

Business Ventures

The Bakery

By opening the bakery with the help of Clover ... READ MORE


We also have a sewing division, thanks to Clover who supplied...READ MORE


We recently started a pottery division as well. ..READ MORE

Food Trailer

Fully kitchen on wheels...READ MORE

Our Management Team

From Our Community.

Mission & Vision

  • To accommodate, clothe, feed and provide for all residents of the Home.

  • To not only provide in the physical needs of residents, but also in their emotional needs and to create a safe, loving environment with sufficient support to become efficient adults or to live out their old age with dignity.

  • To encourage and empower the community at the Home to be self-reliant and to enhance skills development.

  • To ensure that children housed at the Home get the necessary education at the Home’s pre-primary school or the nearest government Primary and Secondary Schools.

  • To encourage religious and cultural aspects at all times.

  • To provide educational services, training opportunities, fresh produce and employment opportunities to the surrounding community.

  • To continue to provide a safe haven for more individuals in need.

Our Children

We currently look after 58 children ranging from 8 months to 18 years of age. More than 30% of the children are HIV positive and some are AIDS orphans. Our children become part of a family where they receive love and care on not only a physical level, but also emotionally. We work hand in hand with Lenasia Social Services and they place children in our care. They also provide a social worker for every child to provide the necessary support we need. We are currently implementing a Brilliant Five Program, starting in January 2017 where 5 children will be place in private schools in order for us to provide them with the best possible opportunities to develop to their full potential. An additional 5 children will be selected for January 2018, continuing with 5 children added per year, until all our children attend private schools.

Children’s Village

Each child has a clean and healthy living environment including a housemother

Housemother responsibilities:

1. To give each child the necessary support and love.

2. To ensure that the child’s environment is hygienic and meets high standards.

3. To support the child with his or her homework, allocate chores to the older children and to discipline the children, teach them to be well-mannered and respectful as well as instill values and good morals in all the children.

4. To provide in the emotional needs of the children, pray with them and teach them to share with others and to be honest and open.

5. To ensure that with physical needs have the necessary measures in place to assist them.

6. To ensure that children with medical needs receive their medication.

Nursery And Pre-School

Education is the key to success and a tool to alleviate poverty. The youth of today is the future of tomorrow, so we believe that it is important to ensure that we give each child quality education. Through the generosity of the Business and Private Sector, our children now have access to a decent education. We also offer aftercare for the children of the surrounding communities as well as sleep-ins, for children of live-in domestic workers.

Home for the Homeless

Old Folk Village – We cater for the destitute and rejected senior citizens with nowhere else to go. They are placed in our care by various institutions such as the Department of Health and Social Services as well as caring public members. We have caregivers that are allocated to the different needs of the old folks such as health care, hygiene and general FITNESS. We also have occupational Therapy sessions including knitting, reading, board games and residents have access to a television. The able elderly assist in cleaning duties as well as maintaining the garden.

We ensure that measures are implemented for old folk with special needs. Each person has a friendly, clean environment where they receive the love and support that every person needs. Here they can live out their old age with dignity as part of an extended family.