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About Ebenezer Hannah Home

Ebenezer Hannah Home is a non-profit organization caring for underprivileged kids and destitute old folk by housing feeding and clothing people of all color and creed.


Founded in 1992, Ebenezer Hannah Home was originally created as a place that would uplift the community and alleviating the amount destitute people on the streets as well as assisting the department of social services in taking in children who are abused and abandoned. They house these kids with house mothers who care for them under foster care and ensure that they receive the love that a family environment would stimulate.



and their story………….


Pastor Thomas and his wife Shirley were also orphans, and lacked Parental love and guidance. They grew up at different Orphanages (homes) from the ages of 8 years. They later realised that this background was to be the preparation “ schooling “ of what lied ahead in the future. Pastor became a building contractor and in so doing he also became involved with families with difficulties. He assisted with arrears in rentals, water and lights accounts etc, with his construction money. Shirley on the other hand became a school teacher and her career assisted her with what was to come in the future. She acquired the skill of patience and being able to take care of children. Due to the lack of assistance to the teachings of the “Word of God” from surrounding Pastors in the area, to the residence of the home, Pastor Merime had no choice, but to enrol himself into a Bible School.  He became a qualified Pastor and Shepherd to lead his sheep to God. It was not easy for him, but perseverance was the key that opened the doors and with one thing in mind and that was not to neglect his ‘Ministry of Family’. Today he is Pastor of Hannah Home and continuously give all the Glory to the Lord. Pressure was allot on Pastor Merime and his wife they are very strong as a couple and married for many years and a role model for all. Pastor Thomas and Shiley both growing up in Orphanages with Thomas’s Parents that abandoned him. Shirley’s mother died of cancer, and her father simply lost desire to live, leaving Shirley and her brother to fend for themselves.  Nobody wanted them, and they were left to roam the streets.  She remembered sadly she ended up in the Roman Catholic Orphanage in Pofadder and there she met Thomas. Their marriage years later did not turn the nightmare into a fairy tale. They lived in Eldorado Park on the West Rand, known for its gangs and criminal activities. Worst of all, Thomas – a heartless, embittered man by his own testimony – gave his family a hard time with his violent behaviour. Shirley tells how she had to get an interdict against him at one stage to protect herself and her children. Finally she could endure it no longer divorced him, taking their children with her. Pastor Thomas remembers, “ I lost everything, nobody wanted anything to do with me, I was in the gutter.” Shirley never stopped praying for the man she met as a 10-year old in the orphanage. Little did they know that God would use their tough childhoods, their rocky marriage and Thomas’s wild life to prepare them for Hannah Home.  Eventually He said to God that He will do anything God wants him to do, If only he get his family back.  Pastor Thomas says, One morning at 05:00 he could wait no longer he climbed over his Pastors fence, and demanded to be Christened there and then, that morning the sun rose on a new man.  He surrendered his life to Christ and started a new life with his family.

Thank you for letting us share our testimony with you.

May God bless you and Keep you, May His Glory shine on you and steer you to your perfect Calling

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4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Dear Ebenezer

    My Name is Steven and I heard your radio interview
    and was touched by your story
    Please allow me to give a gift to help in your mission.
    Could you email me your banking details.
    Merry Christmas



  2. Good evening mr/madam
    You know today I saw an old man who doesn’t have a home, he didn’t have any food he just had his blanket on his shoulder. So I’ve been reading about the Ebener home and thought it will be suitable place for him

  3. Dear Mr Thomas & Shirley MERIME,
    I visited the Ebebenezer Hannah Home in 2017 to see my sister Mildref Molina McGosh. Ever since I promised to do something, for starters by way of a small contribution the next 12 months starting in
    February 2021. Kindly advise me on the best way to this. Seasonal greetings & may the coming year best nor fruit for your endeavors. Thanking you in anticipation.
    Yours sincerely.
    Lawrence Mc Gosh
    TEL.: 45 2044 8882 Denmark

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